Antoine Combelles

Antoine is a French cinematographer and fellow at the American Film Institute,  based in Los Angeles. Antoine strives to use his European background and American experience to bring a unique perspective to his filmmaking.

In 2015, Antoine received the ARRI Volker Bahnemann Award for his work in Cinematography.

After working as a photographer and VFX artist for several years, he went back to school and graduated from NYU Tisch school of the Arts in Film & TV. He has photographed award winning web series, music videos and numerous short films. Starting in 2016, Antoine was a motion graphics and vfx artist at a post production commercial company in Los Angeles. His next venture took him to AFI for its prestigious cinematography program.

His past work includes concert photography with the cultural activists 'Le Collectif Iso',  'LillelaNuit' and the 'Washington Square News' New York's newspaper.